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Education Overview
Get recognized

Arrow Down Global Recognition Through Certification

APICS certifications are the most widely sought after qualifications for supply chain professionals in North America and around the globe… and for good reason. All certifications are based on the world-renowned APICS Body of Knowledge and training is delivered by trained instructors with exceptional real-world experience. Supply chain managers and executives seek out APICS-certified professionals and training for their existing personnel to advance skills and knowledge, supply chain performance and contribution to profitability.


Arrow Down Advance Your Capabilities, Your Organization’s Performance and Your Career

APICS Education is a “Win-Win” offering. It enhances your skills and value to the organization and helps the organization by bringing to the organization proven concepts, methods, and practices that have helped corporate bottom lines around the world.


Arrow Down Job Seekers

Add the qualification that many employers seek for supply chain positions and differentiate yourself in a competitive market. CPIM certification holders earn 23% more. Source: ASCM


Arrow Down Employed Professionals

Increase your knowledge and skills to increase your performance and enhance your career opportunities.


Arrow Down Managers and Executives

Increase performance, reduce costs, expand capabilities and drive profits through expanded capabilities and performance of your supply chain team.


Private Education

Arrow Down Overview
  • ASCM Orange County will deliver any of its public courses at your facility on dates and times that are best for the company and its employees. It can also develop custom courses covering portions of the APICS body of knowledge to meet specific needs.


Arrow Down Standardized
  • learning for your employees based on reknowned APICS Body of Knowledge.


Arrow Down Convenient
  • You select the dates and times that work for your organization and employees.


Arrow Down Effective
  • Reduced travel time and associated expenses.


Arrow Down Skilled
  • Delivery by knowledgeable instructors with experience in a variety of industry segments.


Arrow Down Customizable
  • Instructors can customize course scope and agenda and incorporate company-specific examples and applications of the concepts and techniques.
  • Please contact ASCM-OC at 714-620-9087 to discuss your companies specific needs.


Education Overview

Arrow Down CSCP Certification Review Course
  • APICS introduced the Certified Supply Chain Professional Designation and the associated certification preparation course in 2006. It is the first and only supply chain certification that encompasses the end-to-end global supply chain.
  • Designed for professionals in Production Operations, Supply Chain, Materials and Purchasing/Procurement with two or more years of experience.
  • Over 30,000 professionals have achieved certification since inception.
  • Click HERE for more information

Arrow Down CPIM Certification Review Course
  • The original APICS Certification and certification preparation courses, founded in 1973, covering various aspects operations management and business’s supply chain. It covers operating the business form strategic business planning and forecasting through material and capacity planning and ERP use to detailed scheduling and execution.
  • Designed for professionals in Production Operations, Supply Chain, Materials and Purchasing/Procurement.
  • Over 115,000 professionals have achieved certification since inception. It is one of the most recognized credentials around the World.
  • CPIM 8.0 Scope

    • Supply Chains and Strategy
    • Sales and Operations Planning
    • Demand
    • Supply
    • Detailed Schedules
    • Inventory
    • Distribution
    • Quality, Technology and Continuous Improvement
  • Course is 45 hours of class time covered in 3 hour weeknight or 8 hour Saturday sessions. Studying with the CPIM Learning System increases your chances of passing the exam. On average, we recommend 100 hours of study time.
  • If you want to gain the following skills and responsibilities, the CPIM is right for you!

    • Increase inventory accuracy and reduce inventory
    • Improve forecasting and the S&OP process
    • Manage and apply capacity resource planning
    • Work more productively with your company’s ERP system
    • Effectively schedule material through the plant
    • Improve operation’s strategic alignment
    • Manage the Master Production Schedule
    • Improve the results of an Material Requirement Plan (MRP) run
    • Improve inventory storage, flow and handling
    • Positively impact product design activities
    • Manage continuous improvement projects

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Public Education

Arrow Down Benefits
  • Enhanced skills – career advancement
  • Enhanced opportunities - for job seekers, APICS certifications are specifically requested or required by many employers.



Professional Development Meeting
"Supply Chain Trends and Opportunities"

Managers, capitalize on the ASCM OC training by encouraging and even financially supporting the student tuition. The benefits to the organization are “Take advantage of reimbursing for APICS courses taken on non-business hours that benefits the student with knowledge and the company gets the trained employees who have demonstrated their skills through Certification. That way the student gets the training the employer gets to offer a benefit that does not take away from the time of critically short staff in the supply chain and related areas.”

Student Competition
The ASCM competition was an amazing, challenging, and valuable learning experience. It provided a great opportunity for networking with students from other universities and with ASCM professionals. It also provided the ability for us to take what we have learned, and apply it to a real-world problem.

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