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Rest assured that your ASCM Orange County instructor will be both experienced and qualified. Instructors have extensive industry experience and knowledge about ASCM'sí education programs. In addition, they are all active participants in ASCM Instructor Development Program (IDP). This program puts certain requirements on all instructors to ensure that the valuable information from the ASCM course, supplemented by the instructorsí own knowledge, is delivered in a way that is effective, understandable and enjoyable for course participants. Specifically, instructors must:

Arrow Down Successfully complete ASCM Train the Trainer (TTT) program

  • The program teaches instructors critical skills in planning and delivering adult education such as:

    • Developing learning objectives and lesson plans
    • Managing classroom time & learner challenges
    • Use and development of visual aids
    • Active engagement with participants
    • Asking and answering questions
    • Adjusting to participant feedback


Arrow Down Successfully complete ASCM Learning Dynamics for Instructors (LDI) program

  • This program provides instructors deeper knowledge about classroom dynamics and techniques to maximize learning for participants such as:

    • How to create a positive learning environment
    • Understanding and recognizing individual learning styles and needs
    • Matching training methods to learning objectives
    • Handling classroom problem situations
    • Using interactive communication skills


Arrow Down Submit course and trainer evaluations from participants

  • This program provides instructors deeper knowledge about classroom dynamics and techniques to maximize learning for participants such as:

    • Instructors are required to obtain participant course/trainer evaluations and submit results to ASCM for each course taught.
    • Instructors are taught to solicit mid-course evaluations


Arrow Down Use ASCM-approved training materials

  • All public courses must be delivered using ASCM training materials
  • Visual aids are developed in compliance with ASCM requirements


Arrow Down Maintain current knowledge and develop instruction skills

  • Maintain ASCM certification(s)
  • Develop and execute a yearly plan for personal instructor development
  • Repeat the TTT and LDI courses every five years




Visit the ASCM Instructor Development Program page for more information



Orange County ASCM instructors are all highly qualified professionals with extensive, industry experience and a strong desire to share their real-world knowledge and experience with students.


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