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Certification Prep  

 Arrow Right Supply Chain Boot Camp

Basic Training in Supply Chain Topics

Series of short courses on specific topics from inventory and logistics
to planning and using material requirements planning (MRP)


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 Arrow Right Lean Enterprise Workshop Plus

Developed in conjunction with the Lean Enterprise Institute
Plus Value Stream Mapping (VSM) applied to your business

Transform your career. Become a lean leader.

Three main goals:

    • Learn Lean concepts and applications

    • Action plan development your business

    • Map development - your value stream

More Information HERE

 Arrow Right Train the Trainer

The two-day interactive ASCM TTT course prepares Instructors especially those in supply chain and operations management to teach adult training as found in APICS development courses. This ASCM course provides 10 lesson plans for instructors with a successful and workable methodology that can be applied to teaching any subject.

Lessons cover topics including:

    • the training process.
    • learning objectives and lesson plans.
    • effective media selection and use.
    • learning styles, communication and motivation.
    • dealing with learner challenges.
    • training evaluation.

More Information HERE

 Arrow Right Global Sourcing Workshop

The intent of this workshop is that participants will be able to

    • Prepare for global sourcing
    • Evaluate potential markets in other countries
    • Source global suppliers strategically
    • Address cultural values
    • Choose logistics partners

Topics covered will be

    • Why Globalization?
    • Evaluating Countries
    • Selecting Suppliers
    • Cultural Relationships
    • Logistics Requirements

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3rd Wednesday of every month

(except July and December)

Dinner Meetings are a
great way to learn more
about the Seminars and Workshops offered through ASCM-Orange County.

Find out if these educational opportunities are right for
you and your career.

More Information HERE


Orange County ASCM offers a range of courses to meet the needs of any Supply Chain professional.

The Supply Chain Boot Camp and Lean Enterprise Plus Workshops provide you with the education you need to best fulfill your professional potential.

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