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Arrow Right Milestone Anniversaries Celebrated in 2021! Congratulations to all.

40 Year Anniversary

  • John C. Brewer, CSCP CLTD

35 Year Anniversary

  • Timothy W. Fatout, CPIM
  • Craig K. Fromm
  • John L. Simmons, CPIM

30 Year Anniversary

  • Bryan G. Ferguson, CPIM
  • Eileen J. Iverson, CPIM CSCP

25 Year Anniversary

  • Aydin Aksoy, CSCP

20 Year Anniversary

  • Thomas G. Nieto
  • Kelvin J. Sakai
  • Josephine A. Vigil, CPIM-F CSCP CLTD

15 Year Anniversary

  • Glenda Choa
  • Afshean M. Ghotbi, CPIM CSCP
  • Hector Gonzalez, CPIM CSCP
  • Kari Khamphanh
  • Charles S. Kishimoto, CSCP
  • David W. Lacey

10 Year Anniversary

  • Ryan Christensen
  • JeJohn Brooks, CSCP
  • Romeo A. de los Santos, Jr.
  • Behnam Firoozfard, CPIM
  • Mark J. LeBrun, CPIM
  • Harry Oei, CSCP

5 Year Anniversary

  • Debbie Anderson
  • David Booher, CPIM
  • Cody Busby
  • Nathaniel Cornejo, CPIM
  • Patty Day
  • Agnes Erickson, CPIM
  • Jaquelyn French, CPIM
  • Ignacio Gaytan
  • Alex Hyun
  • Soon Kim, CSCP CLTD
  • Christopher Ko, CPIM
  • John Lee
  • Ricardo Luna, CPIM
  • Elizabeth Martinez, CPIM
  • Mike Massengale
  • Jennifer McLaughlin, CPIM
  • Amin Motameni, CSCP
  • Aryo Seto Murtono
  • Tracy OShea, CPIM
  • Kelly Puglisi, CPIM CSCP
  • Sarah Reid
  • Donna Roat
  • Farhad Salehi, CSCP
  • Kristie Wang
  • Yingyi Yang, CPIM
  • Ebru Yucel Gursoy, CPIM

Past year recognition: 2020

Disclaimer: We wish to recognize our members on their 5th-10th-15th-20th-25th-30th year anniversaries. If a member prefers their name to be excluded from this list kindly let us know by email at publicity@ascm-oc.org.



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